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Social Media Services in Sudbury

Your customers are on social media – and you should be too. In a growing digital world, people are spending much of their time online and are using the internet to search for products they are interested in. Having your business on social media gives you the opportunity to be discovered by potential customers as they scroll, and we can help you find those customers!
Our social media marketing services help you connect with your customers on a personal level. We will define your target audience and get your business set up on the platforms your audience spends their time. The main social media platforms we market on are:


We are Sudbury’s experts at social media. Here are some of the services we offer as part of our social media marketing package.

Monthly Scheduling & Reports
Consistency with posting on social media is key to growing your brand and building trust with your customers. As a marketing agency, we wear many different hats, and therefore will perform research on your industry and competitors to better understand your business. We’ll create a social media calendar and write posts that are educational, engaging, and visually appealing. Throughout each month, we’ll monitor your account and compile all data into a report to assess its performance.

Social Media Shareables
Humans are visual creatures. That’s why we post custom graphics to your social media pages to capture the attentions of customers as they scroll.

Contests & Giveaways
What better way to engage with potential customers than through a giveaway? Contests and giveaways help build upon your brand’s reputation and give people the chance to discover you. Our social media experts will take care of everything including writing copy and tracking entrants.

Drive Traffic to Your Website
We’ll create paid advertisements across and organic posts across social networks that link to your website. People can click right through to your website to discover more about the products and services your business offers!

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Connect With Your Customers

  • Monthly Scheduling & Reports
  • Social Media Shareables
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
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