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If you've ever tried a dairy product from Farquhar's you understand why our team was so excited to take this project on; we couldn't wait to get our hands on some chocolate milk. From yogurts and ice cream to butter and juice, they've got you covered.

Farquahr's has had a powerful brand presence in Northern Ontario for close to 100 years and the executives decided it was time to expand business into the Southern Markets. Thus, we developed a highly responsive website to be used in conglomeration with their sales and marketing strategy.

Farquhar's Dairy website open on laptop
Farquhar’s Dairy website open on cell phone

Farquhar's offers a wide variety of dairy products and needed a functional website that could be used to feature and promote them. Web developed a customized inventory system that has been used by Farquhar's employees to update and manage the site.

We went fully mobile, of course. The website is fully responsive and functional across any iOs or Android device to ensure the website's accessibility and fluid design across multiple screen widths.

Farquhar’s new website has over 50 products online

Farquhar’s Dairy website open on desktop
Farquhar’s Dairy website open on tablet
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