You’re probably reading this because you were like “Who’s that Darien guy?” Well I am the Business Development Manager. I’m the one you want to talk to if you would like your company to grow and flourish in the online world. But before we dive deep into that, let’s talk about the road to now.

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Growing up in Garson Ontario, I told my parents that I wanted to be the “Mayor of Milwaukee”. I would proudly walk around and tell all my family and friends that this was where I wanted to be when I grew up. I mean at the age of 8 I didn’t care about the legally abilities or the schooling behind it, I just knew that’s what I would be growing up.

I went to college to become a computer programmer as I learned to love computers. Leaving Canadore College, I decided to take a different route and use my love for gab to keep my family fed. Into sales I went! Started with cell phones, furniture, TVs and computers. The question I started asking was “Why?”. Why does business happen a certain way? Why does something take long to get in? Why can’t we hire that extra staff member? Why is this technique not selling?

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And that’s why I went into B2B interactions. As the Business Development Manager, it’s my job to recommend services that are designed to make you more money in the digital era. I’ll be using this blog to write about some products and services I know of that can help and touch on some of the things we do here at the offices to help streamline our efficiency.

So keep your eye out for my posts if you want to learn some tips and tricks on how the digital era is changing business.