In the marketplace of today, content is king. Creating engaging content is an excellent way to increase the public awareness of your brand and creating a video is one of the best ways to do that. Videos are automatically engaging and a well-made video can present a lot of information in both a quick and entertaining way!

However, a bad video can also sink you. Since your video or video series is how people are going to remember you, it needs to be done properly. High quality images, great audio, and a clear message can help people put trust in your product or service.

Here are some tips when you’re looking to create your own video series:

1: Have a clear message: Making sure the message you’re looking to present is easy to digest will help keep you on point and thus keep your audience. If your message is confusing or unclear, then you lose the entire benefit of doing a video.

2: Keeping your video short: Nowadays people are only going to watch a long video if they are already interested in what you have to say. To get people interested in what you have, keep it to only a couple minutes. If you want to make a longer follow up video for people to check out once they are interested, that’s always an option as well.

3: Catch your audience with a hook: People decide if they’re going to watch a full video within the first 5 seconds. If you can’t catch them in that first section, then they are gone. Have a hook, or present a deal, or ask a question, so people are interested enough to stick around to watch the whole video.

4: Have great audio: If people can’t hear what you’re saying or it sounds bad, they will turn off immediately.  Getting a quiet shooting space, with a decent microphone can really make all the difference here.

5: Energy: If you’re going to have someone from your company in the video, make sure they look excited for whatever your product or service is. If they aren’t excited, then your viewers won’t be either!

If you follow these tips then your video has a better chance of hitting! Remember that next time you start to think out your marketing plan!