As a recent graduate of the public relations program at Cambrian College, I am very fortunate to have landed a job straight out of school, right here at Snagged! I work as a digital marketing specialist, and I’m constantly learning new things every day as I navigate the marketing world.

Since jumping into my career, I apply what I learned in college every day to all of my tasks. Marketing involves a mix of so many different skills, some of which I never expected! Here I’ve written all the ways that college prepared me for the marketing industry.


Enforcing Strict Copywriting Rules

Cambrian’s public relations program has a strict set of rules when it comes to writing; our assignments would receive 5% deductions for each unique spelling/grammar error. At times, that rule could be frustrating, but it made me realize how important correct spelling and grammar are for credibility. Since I write copy on behalf of my clients for their social media pages and websites, I don’t want my clients to be viewed as unprofessional by their customers!

These mistakes can also come across as though you were too lazy to proofread. Clients put their trust into me to make sure their content looks professional, so I proofread written material more than once!


Wearing Many Different Hats

While we’re on the topic of writing, our classes allowed us to write for a variety of industries. For example, some of the fictitious companies I wrote on behalf of include:

  • A winery
  • An energy drink company
  • A hair care company
  • A cabin rental service
  • A waste-free grocery store
  • A makeup line
  • A hotel
  • An eco-friendly wrapping paper company
  • A literary magazine
  • And so much more!

This is exactly what I do for my current job! My clients are in industries such as optometry, credit counselling, car warranties, inflatable rentals, and audiology, just to name a few. It involves a lot of research and a lot of creativity.


Classes About Computer Applications

I use computer apps at work every day, including Excel, Microsoft Word, and Adobe InDesign. During my time at Cambrian College, I took courses in Excel, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Access. As much as I hated the Excel class, I never knew how much I would actually use this app! Even at my PR summer job and my field placement, I was surprised to find I used it all the time. And this job is no different. Though I don’t use Excel for crazy equations, I use it for organizing tons of information, which is very helpful. I also use Adobe InDesign for marketing reports.


Classes About Marketing

Of course, I wouldn’t know much about marketing if it wasn’t for marketing classes! We’d often create fake products and write multi-page marketing plans outlining target demographics, ways to reach people, and how to write advertisements.

I found that many of our writing classes also had a marketing approach. We’d have to create campaigns in which we’d write ads for radio, billboards, social media, and even TV commercials. It got me used to writing for different platforms and I really learned how to persuade people to buy products. Now I write ads all the time for social media and Google Ads, and they are successful in generating conversions!


Business Casual Dress Code for Presentations

Even though we were only required business casual dress during presentations in college, it got me into the habit of maintaining a professional appearance for the workplace. The dress code at my office isn’t very strict, but business casual is still recommended!


Pitching to the Media

When a client is hosting an event, they will have me write a press release and pitch it to the local media to spread the message. Luckily, I took many courses at Cambrian involving media relations, and had the opportunity to write numerous press releases during my PR agency class and placement. I learned how to pitch to members of the media, and learned the proper email etiquette to use when doing this!


Learning About Websites

Lastly, the skills I learned in my Untangling the Web class in first year have really helped me out at Snagged. Since Snagged designs websites for clients, I have had numerous opportunities to write website copy and provide usability feedback. So far, I have worked on website content for The Northern Hearing Health Centre, Carfuffle, and Game On Express.

At Cambrian, we had the opportunity to build our own website through WordPress, and I use WordPress at work all the time! Although most of the work I do is in the backend of WordPress, I now have a deeper understanding of how the program works.

The class also discussed a few details regarding SEO, PPC, keyword research, and Google Analytics. These are all things I use at Snagged, and continue to learn about!


Overall, I learned many valuable skills in college that have helped me succeed in my career. All of my classes were relevant, and I believe that after graduating from my three-year program, I am well prepared to take on the challenges of the marketing industry. I am proud to have made the decision to take the public relations program at Cambrian, because now I work in a field that I love!