Here is my list of the best movies I saw this year. Now this list isn’t in any order, nor is it a really comprehensive list. These are just the best movies I saw in 2017.


Logan was, I think, the first movie I saw this year.  Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan / Wolverine for presumably the last time and the film was directed by James Mangold.  In this third solo Wolverine movie, an old Logan is tasked with delivering a child to the Canadian border in order to escape from the scientists that have been experimenting on her.  Not your typical superhero film, Logan is a emotional story filled with touching moments and gives a great, solemn goodbye to these characters. Patrick Stewart also returns as a 90 year old Professor Charles Xavier, and gives maybe the best performance I have ever seen from him.  Logan is a long hard look at aging and mortality and hits your right in the heart.

Baby Driver:

Edgar Wright’s heist movie that came out in February of this year, used music and film better than any movie I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack and the visuals tie together to add life to a story of a driver with tinnitus named “Baby” as he works for a crime boss played by Kevin Spacey, to perform a series of robberies.  Baby lives with his deaf adopted father, and works his hardest to keep his job and his personal life from coming into contact with each other. Definitely worth watching on a system with a great sound system as the music really takes centre stage here.

Murder on the Orient Express:

I loved this movie. I know, I’m likely in the minority on this, but I absolutely loved this movie. It was well acted, well shot, well directed. Kenneth Branagh pulls double duty both starring and Hercule Poirot and as the director. He should win the Academy Award for “Best Mustache” (David Thewlis from Wonder Woman should receive the Razzie for worst mustache, by the way).  The story is not new and continues along the same path as the Agatha Christie original, but if you’re like me and forgot how that ended, the movie keeps you guessing the whole way through. Willem Dafoe gets a nod here for his role in this movie, even though he doesn’t have as much screen time as some of the other characters.

Blade Runner 2049:

Speaking of movies that most people didn’t like (or see, for that matter) comes Blade Runner 2049. I thought this movie was a masterpiece. It was a movie with patience that took the time to build a world and populate it. Nothing in this movie felt rushed, and even thirty years after the original, 2049 fits as a sequel that improved upon the original. Another movie with a simple enough plotline ( searching for a child), Blade Runner 2049 kept me interested with its twists and mysteries, and even though I thought I had figured out where the movie was going about halfway through (I was wrong), the movie keeps your interest throughout. Wonderfully shot and beautiful to look at, Blade Runner 2049 deserves way more attention than it got.

Spider-man: Homecoming:

Wow, this movie was fun. Homecoming knew what they needed to do to bring Spider-man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they delivered. Bright spot in this movie was Michael Keaton as the Vulture, who was just a guy who was stealing stuff to support his family. There’s no big “destroy the world” or “turn everyone into Lizards” plot. Just a guy trying to make some cash. Keaton also plays the role very well, being a realistic “Dad” character when he’s at home and actually make the Vulture of all characters seem threatening and menacing.  His scene with Tom Holland (who is also amazing as Peter Parker), in his car is one of the most tense scenes I’ve seen in recent memory.

Thor: Ragnarok:

I know I just said Spider-man was a fun movie. But THIS…THIS is a really fun movie. Thor: Ragnarok hit the ground running and brought more humour to the movie than I thought was possible. Now, Taika Watiti, the director of this movie, knew when to put in humour and knew when not to, which makes it stand a lot better than Avengers: Age of Ultron. Characters in this movie aren’t just making flippant remarks when the scene doesn’t call for it, and characters that are meant to stay serious, stay serious, unlike a certain title android in Avengers 2.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2:

Yes, I’m aware this list is a bit Marvel heavy, but I saw more Marvel movies this year than anything else.  Guardians 2 was a great continuation of the series that was established in Guardians of the Galaxy (Volume 1, now I guess). With a strong theme of family, all the characters get their own time to shine a develop, and create more heartfelt movie than I’m sure most people predicted.

Fate of the Furious:

Just kidding. This movie stunk. Weren’t these about racing at one point? It’s like a spy movie now.

Also didn’t Jason Statham kill their friend? But he’s a good guy now? Why are all these professional racers driving automatics? How can putting your car in a circle around Vin Diesel protect him from an explosion?