Hello world, my name is Jessica Sawicz and I’m on the Web Development Team at Snagged Interactive Media. I’ve been dabbling in different technologies since I was a little girl, making basic html websites full of bubble-gum coloured backgrounds. Since then both my eye for design and my ability to code have improved significantly.

While studying French theatre at Laurentian University, I took my first film course as an elective and was hooked. And so, I changed my major to English Rhetoric & Media and never looked back. Theatre still remains on my hobby list so you can often find me involved in various plays throughout Sudbury. I’m also interested in cosplay and have dressed up at conventions as a variety of my favourite characters such as Harley Quinn.

After completing university, I had the experience of working at a local print shop where I improved my photo editing skills and learned more about graphic design and making print ready files. These newfound skills led me to pursuit a career as a graphic designer. Wanting to stay up to date in my field I became a member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers and continue to remain active in the design community as much as I can.

These interests naturally led me to the vast and ever-growing world of web development. With an interest in providing web design services in addition to graphic design, I enrolled in a Graduate program at Humber College for Web Development.

The program also fueled my interest in accessibility. While working at the Sudbury & District Heath Unit, I was provided with training on how to design accessible documents so I was already versed on the importance of making accessible websites. I could then take what I had previously learnt and apply it to the web. Very quickly I became known as the accessibility girl among my classmates and teachers.

While still a student at Humber College I was brought on board a project by the college’s School of Media Studies & Information Technology. I became one of two web developers responsible for making an accessible website with training modules for both students and faculty about accessibility in media.

When I’m not focused on making accessible websites, I can often be found coding fun JavaScript games like hangman or stacker either alone or with other developer friends. These projects allow me to take a big problem and break them down into several smaller and simpler steps that combined solve one greater problem.

I spend 8 hours in the Snagged office coding and then go home and spend another few hours every day coding or designing. It’s become more than just work for me, it’s the thing that interests me the most.