If your business is on social media and you find that you’re losing followers and engagement, you might be doing something wrong. Social media can be a confusing place, and sometimes there are unwritten rules when it comes to the way you choose to market yourself. Here are 6 common mistakes that businesses make on social media:


  1. Post way too much

People don’t like to be marketed to excessively. If you’re posting multiple times a day to promote your services, you are overexposing people to your message, and they tend to get annoyed. This may cause them to unfollow your page, which you definitely don’t want!

Aim to post two to three times a week. For better results, try more engaging posts instead of strictly self-promo. These can be funny jokes, “comment down below” prompts, or some cool facts about your industry that aren’t widely known.


  1. Don’t post consistently

Consistency is key with social media. If you barely post to your social media pages, or you post tons of content one week and none the next, it can make it difficult to build your brand. Everyone seems to be on social media these days, and they love to consume content. If you’re not posting enough content, your page will lack interest.

Put together a social media schedule that determines the days of the week you’ll post, what times you’ll post, and the types of content you’ll post. As you become more consistent with your posts, your page is bound to grow significantly!


  1. Don’t answer inquiries

Your inbox is there for a reason. If your business is present on social media and is posting frequently, questions will come in from followers who are interested in your services. Whether the question appears in the comments section of a post or in your direct messages, it needs to be answered promptly. If you ignore questions, it can create a lack of trust between you and the follower. Why would they bother reaching out if they don’t get a response?

Bonus: On Facebook, if you consistently answer inquiries in under 15 minutes, you can turn on a badge that appears on your page telling your followers how fast you respond! This is also a great way to build trust, and it encourages followers to reach out to you!


  1. Post on the wrong platforms

The first step of every marketing plan is to define your audience. Which age groups and genders are your services for? Where are these people located? What are their lifestyles like? By defining these, you can successfully market your services to the right people.

With that being said, each social media platform tends to have a different demographic: Instagram tends to be the most popular for younger audiences, while Facebook is beginning to grow an older audience. Some businesses tend to set up a social media page on every platform they can think of for the sole purpose of “maximizing exposure.” But, in reality, this doesn’t work.

Instead, you should align your business with a social media platform that has similar demographics to yours. For example, if your services are for elderly people, you likely wouldn’t get many leads advertising on Instagram. You want your customers to see your message, so why are you posting on a platform where they likely won’t see it?


  1. Don’t measure results

You need to know if your social media marketing strategy is working. But if you’re not measuring your results, how will you find that out?

Most social media platforms have insights tools that allow you to look at important analytics data such as engagements, likes, and impressions. This data is important to keep track of because it can help you determine what works well for your social media page and what doesn’t work well. If your numbers are consistently low, you’ll want to modify your social media strategy to try and make improvements. If your numbers are consistently high, you’re doing a great job!


  1. Don’t include calls to action

When someone visits your social media page and becomes interested in your services, they’ll want to know what their next steps are. Some commonly used calls to action are “call us,” “book now,” and “visit our website.” If you’re not including calls to action, you’re decreasing the chance that someone will reach out to you, and you don’t want to lose out on potential customers.

Instead, include them as much as you can to motivate these potential customers to take action. Be specific and direct them to your website URL, office address, phone number, or email address so they know exactly where to go.


If you’ve made any of these social media mistakes with your business, they are definitely fixable. Once you start implementing these tips into your social media plan, you’ll start to see growth. Remember, things take time, so it’s important to be patient as you wait for your results to improve!