Let our work speak for itself...

Daro Vinyl Products Inc.

Daro Vinyl Products Inc. needed a new website that was a professional representation of the business as an online entity. We went to work creating a structure and organizing their content. From there we developed a simple and stylish site that includes all the services they offer, while being functional and easy to navigate.

The end result is contemporary website focusing on simplicity and easy access to company information.

Prompt Executive Driving Ltd.

Prompt needed a website developed to showcase their services and brand new vehicle. Our goal was to illustrate this high value service in a way that would appeal to their unique clientele.

The final product is a great, responsive website that is informative, yet shows off their state-of-the-art vehicle and all its capabilities including built-in WiFi. A business as awesome as this deserves a website to match.

Alarm North

Alarm North was looking to revitalize its webpage with a better focus on industrial and commercial clientele. Jim had a very clear perspective on what he was searching for, and after meeting with our design and creative team, we were on the right track.

The new website includes a product gallery, a responsive design, a new brochure design, and social media headers that match the new site.

Gonga's Grill

Gonga's Grill has had iconic restaurants serving the Sudbury community for years. Recognizing the potential in online ordering and ecommerce, Gonga's was looking to expand into the world of online ordering and menus.

A custom responsive Wordpress theme was developed, with a dynamic menu and integrated multi-location ordering system. This allows customers to view the menu online, order their favourite dish and pick it up quickly at any of their locations.


MWM Instrumentation & New Equipment Ltd. Was seeking a new dynamic and responsive website that speaks directly to the products that they offer.

We created a new custom Wordpress theme and integrated existing and new content into the site.

IVS Productions

Specializing in what they do, IVS Productions was looking to re-establish their brand with a new look and website. Our team worked closely with the professionals at IVS Productions and created a new logo to match their new brand.

Once the logo was finalized, an entire new site using a custom Wordpress theme was created and implemented with features such a video gallery, contact page, blog and full social media integration on each individual page.

Frosty Bites

Frosty Bites gave us the opportunity to put a new twist on a vintage business that has been around for many years. We quickly went to work and developed a new logo, branding and product/fleet decals.

Once the decals were printed, Snagged's creative team cut them to size and applied them to the entire fleet, having them ready to hit the streets in Greater Sudbury.

Gerry Montpellier - Ward 3

Gerry Montpellier met with us to discuss the potential of his campaign and we were very excited to be able to work with him. Our design team developed a responsive website and branding materials to help support his campaign.

Social Media Marketing was also engaged as part of our media strategy which included creation, organization and maintenance of the social media platforms used throughout the election.

Visit Sudbury Now

This project was a very large one for us. We created a custom design along with branding, logos, images, photography and a completely custom website back-end for business & event listings.

We were responsible for implementing Search Engine Optimized URLs, Social Media Marketing and a wide range of services to help make this one of Sudbury's most popular tourist resources.

Grapole Tools Inc.

Once in awhile someone comes into our office with a great product that we can play with, and we were lucky enough to get some hands on time to learn how it really works. Grapole came to us looking for a website and our team quickly went to work.

We developed a custom response Wordpress theme while implementing custom plugins that allow customers to view a geographical map with locations where the products can be purchased.

Elm Financial

Elm Financial was looking to create a mobile-friendly website with enhanced Search Engine Optimization for better lead generation. Our design team retouched the logo and designed a custom responsive Wordpress theme.

Once the theme was designed and implemented, our SEO team quickly went to work performing research and keyword implementation based on the traffic patterns discovered on major search engines.

AMD Designs

A local enterpreneur and expert in the electronics field was looking for an online presence to sell his educational kits. Our design team was responsible for creating a logo concept, website concept and developing a custom responsive Wordpress theme.

Once the theme was designed and implemented, E-Commerce functionality was added to ensure the ease of use, including customizations of certain modules for desired features and effects.