My name is Luc Chrétien and I joined the growing team at Snagged on March 22nd 2017 after I returned home from living in Toronto for half a year. I had recently completed a one-year junior designer intership at Design de Plume and to be honest, I was naïve heading to the big city amongst all the competition thinking one year was enough experience to work at an establish studio without any connections. Despite a multi-talented skillset, it wasn’t enough and discouragement set in as my relationship fell apart and I packed my bags to return home and seek work in Nickel City. A bit of a country boy at heart, part of me was relieved to be leaving the concrete jungle.

That’s when I learned of a place I had never heard of before called Snagged Interactive Media, and they were hiring! I scored an interview and despite my lack of experience in web design, I was hired in this web-focused firm. Much to my surprise, the owner, Mike Lafrenière, thought it was worth taking a risk on me due to what I could bring to the table, such as illustration, photography and print design experience. And that’s how I came to join the team, and I’ve been happy in my field here ever since.


Luc with horse


Here are 25 personal & random things about me:


  1. I have hemophobia, genetically transcending through my father’s bloodline and passed down to me like a poisonous heirloom. I literally can’t stand blood.
  2. I am an arachnophile.
  3. My favorite instruments are the piano, violin and harp. I’d like to learn how to play one someday.
  4. My favorite color is blue.
  5. My favorite sports are archery and fencing. While swordfighting with my best friend, I hyperextended the ligaments of my knee and ever since then, it’s very easy to pull the muscle again.
  6. My favorite animal is the cat.
  7. I have a HUGE sweet tooth.
  8. I’ve been told I’m judgemental, but that shouldn’t suggest that I’m full of myself or that I place myself above others. I think, as human beings, we’re all judgemental to an extent and subconsciously compare ourselves to others. I may not agree with all your decisions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you.
  9. Throughout high school, I wanted to be a biologist but my grades were never higher than the overall average of the class, so I felt like I didn’t shine in a field that I wanted to persevere in for the rest of my life. I gradually became discouraged, so I changed my mind and pursued my passion for art but continue to admire the science of life.
  10. I stay away from alcohol, drugs, tattoos and piercings. I’m a virgin when it comes to those things – it’s a choice I made at the early age of 6 and I firmly stand by this deep-rooted oath for personal reasons that extend into my family history and friends’ horror stories.
  11.  I use the right side of my brain more than the left, meaning I am creative and and artistic in everything I do. It’s my way of thinking, my way of viewing the world, my photographic way of remembering, and I use my art as a method to differentiate myself from everyone else. The left hemisphere of my brain is less dominant, consequently, I’m not the strongest in math, logic and work with numbers.
  12. My current hobbies include taking pictures, editing those pictures, fishkeeping, writing and having art attacks with my pencil.
  13. I love going for walks, maybe a bit too much. I’m always down for a walk, regardless of the weather.
  14. I hate how damn jealous I get when it comes to people I love.
  15. I am bilingual and I take pride in my francophone roots.
  16. I nearly drowned at the age of seventeen and had to be rescued. Hereafter, I constantly attempt to better myself at swimming/diving instead of fearing the lakes that make Sudbury spectacular.
  17. I like to challenge myself, especially physically. I’m very ambitious and dream of being successful, happy, brave, shameless and to be taken seriously.
  18. Change scares me… And sharks, them too.
  19. It’s so hard for me to trust.
  20. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and lip biting when I’m under stress.
  21. My top pet peeves include incessantly barking dogs, people who use the word “literally” improperly, litterbugs, girls that talk about their boyfriends ALL the time and drivers that leave their turning signals on.
  22. I’m a sucker for scents, it’s a weakness of mine. Nothing is more memorable to me than a smell. One scent can be momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the countryside. I’m constantly buying new colognes, and a person’s scent takes a huge roll in my first impression of them.
  23. I have ginger in my beard but nowhere else on my body.
  24. Some of my idols include Ed & Lorraine Warren and Judge Judy Sheindlin.
  25. I look up to famous designers Jessica Hische for her lettering prowess and Paul Rand for his clever branding works.