Project timelines are an important part of any project. Sometimes there are questions on to why a project takes a certain amount of time and how “little changes” could possibly be a 2 hour job.

When it comes to any professional level craft, we all want to make sure it’s done right and to the best of our abilities. If your plumber rushed a job and then forgot to seal a pipe which caused a flood how would you feel? What about walking into a house that’s painted and the corners are missed or you can see imperfections as they only put one layer of paint on. The same can happen with web design and marketing. We don’t want to mislabel code or create bugs that allow for security breaches. We fine tune our work to ensure we are producing the best product we can produce.

As you can see from the video above, someone draws Spiderman in 10 minutes, 1 minute and finally 10 seconds. Notice the quality drop significantly each time as they have less time to work and therefor spend less time doing it right.

This concept can not only be applied to web design and marketing but other things too. When a lunch is taking a bit longer than you planned to make or maybe the haircut you get. A repair on your car may take a bit longer than they estimate.

The best things in life take time. Instead of rushing it, relax and know the best job is being done for you.