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Snagged Internet Services has been serving its community for over 13 years with the same values we use today. In early 2009, we launched a new division of our company, named 'Snagged Design Services'. This is a separate division of Snagged Internet Services which focuses directly on the design and implementation of an organization's online presence.

We recognize that the world is constantly changing and that technology has grown to become a part of our everyday life. This is why we specialize in providing the complete solution to our clients utilizing the newest technologies on the internet, while maintaining all the design and marketing standards used today.

Our simplified process and relaxed work atmosphere allow our team to truly express their creative ideas and thoughts, while enabling us to provide our clients with remarkable and unique concepts & designs for their projects. We employ a team of professionals in the field of marketing & design, and partner with agencies across the world to achieve and maintain the highest standards in the work we deliver.

Our work is controlled by 3 pillars which have driven our success, this simplified process keeps our projects simple, and allows our clients to remain engaged throughout the entire timeline of their projects.

STEP 1: Discussion & Planning

In today's online industry, planning is one of the most important parts of any online exposure or marketing. Our staff work with you, to plan all the details of your project, from start to finish.

STEP 2: Development & BETA Testing

Project development is the second step in the design process. Once you have an accurate and detailed plan layed out, the project is developed and tested by Snagged's staff to ensure full cross-browser compability and functionality.

STEP 3: Final Implementation

The final step in the design process is implementation. This includes launching of your site and full exposure to the public. All our packages come with basic Search Engine Optimization to help increase your exposure to popular search engines and the general public.

Mike Lafreniere

Project Manager & Lead Programmer

Mike Lafreniere

Project Manager & Lead Programmer

Having extensive knowledge and experience is a crucial element when it comes to any business or project in the IT industry. Mike has been working within the IT industry since early 2000. As the founder of Snagged Internet Services & Sudbury Web Design, Mike's passion and devotion for technology was only exceeded by his thirst for knowledge. Over the years he has mastered multiple skills, including web design, server administration, online marketing, and project development.

Mike's professional experience includes over 4 years as a Sales Manager within a Fortune 500 corporation which he has used to develop a wide range of skills that have helped him succeed in online marketing and promotions.

Now he brings his years of expertise in sales, management, marketing and the IT industry to the Snagged team as the owner and founder of the company. He has taken on his roles in the company with responsibilities that include script creation, feature development, page development, and is an active member in the sales and support teams within the organization.

Peter Sgouros

Creative Director - Prov. RGD

Peter Sgouros

Creative Director

Peter grew up in a family, immersed in computers and the arts. As a youth he built his own computers, participated in competitive gaming and immersed himself in exploring new and experimental technologies. Peter expanded his skillset with over 6 years employed in Fortune 500 companies providing him the customer service skills that are invaluable to serving our customer base. For over 15 years, he has expanded his abilities and fuelled his overwhelming passion for the arts, keeping up with the latest digital and web trends.

Peter has at his fingertips, an extensive creative toolkit which allows for a very personal touch in crafting eye-catching and memorable design. Coming from the fast paced working environment of Toronto, Peter has showcased his talents creating his own personal brand on all projects he undertakes. His breadth of abilities meets and exceeds client needs and always under tight timelines. With his vast experience in web design, logo design, corporate branding, print media, audio, and video, Peter delivers innovative solutions to our clients and the capability to rise above the competition.